Saturday, May 7, 2011

This is my day - Mother's Day

Years ago, the Lord blessed me with an amazing daughter ! We have enjoyed, cherished, treasured and savoured her growing-up years, and now revel in the joys of seeing her as an adult - perhaps one day there will be grandchildren! God surely does shower us with good gifts - Sheila is one of His best☺.

But my mother's heart was not used up - since it flows from the never ending Source of the love of our Father God, and I longed and prayed for more 'children' - the ones I was not able to have myself, but nevertheless had room for in my heart - Psalm 113 was a gift to me from my Father with regard to this.

For mother's day, I have written a poem that speaks of the mother's heart that God has given me for several Compassion children - some sponsored, some as correspondence kids, but all, children of my heart, of my prayers, and in faith I'm believing they'll be found in Jesus Christ and with me for all eternity. So this is for Sheila , for a number of young adults the Lord has brought into our lives to bless us, and for Eduardo in Honduras, Hayat in Ethiopia, and my Ugandan family: Sarah, Praise, Evan, Timothy, Derrick (and Sheila's Unith). What an unspeakable joy and blessing to bring children into our family through Compassion - really, through the Heart of Compassion - Jesus Christ our Lord!

Mother's Heart

Though grown, I'm still a child inside -
God's child; But now in me resides
A mother's heart, from Father wrought,
Forged with His love, by Spirit taught.

He gave me one, by nature born;
My heart, left wanting more, was torn
'Twixt joy, contentment, longing fashioned
A mother's heart, by Father's compassion

Through faithful years He'd lead and guide
His love the never-ending Tide.
Praise to His Name, right from the start
He'd planned to fill this mother's heart.

Praise Him, O servants, raised from dust
From east to west His glory must
Rise over heavens; He sits enthroned -
Yet stoops to mother's heart at home!

So cherished! the one has multiplied -
Mother's heart now joyful cries:
The LORD has brought them from the nations,
Knit in Christ, the generations.

For many years the prayers ascended
That each might know Him, love, repent
And live for Jesus Christ alone -
Bountiful crop from seeds well-sown.

When the race's run, and fought the fight
And Son dispels the darkest night,
That child once near or far away
Meets mother's heart upon that Day!

Praise Him! You children from the 'heap'
Of ash are lifted, no more weep!
Praise Him! My children, our King is crowned,
And mother's heart in Christ is found!

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Elina Russell said...

Beautiful. Thank you.